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Red Dot Design

Our Flex chair proudly won the world’s largest and most  renowned design competition “the Red Dot Award”,  known as the “Oscar” in the design industry. It stands for   Songdream’s extraordinary artistic level and design  attitude.


Afroditi Krassa

Afroditi Krassa is a British Product Designer and Interior Designer.

Krassa is the famous professor of Royal St. Martin college , provided planning and product design for some of the world’s major brands like Nokia, Jaguar, Casio, etc.

She was in collaboration with various manufacturers, such as lighting for Ligne Roset and Innermost, furniture for E&Y, Songdream, Cassina, Bonaldo and DKNY.


Edward Marshall Trust in 2010

Elle Deco Design in 2007

Guardian Best in Lighting in 2007

We’re making great efforts to create the classic of vision when we pay attention to the satisfaction of comfort,peace,harmony and nature… Here,nature can be endowed by a kind of color, a kind of thought, a kind of conception. Take them home and enjoy the slow life that songdream furniture offers.

Lovely clothes hanger

and unique designed

bookshelf with

decorative effect,a

corner at home can be

magically turned into a

small world full of fun.


To pursue a perfect space ,to create a comfortable working environment,to lead to inspiration for life.


The graceful taste of

furniture and environmental

quality bring much

happiness to you and your


Live in the wonderful space
of your own,appreciate the delicate
and artistic furniture
and taste the
exiguous movement of slow life.

We made customized furniture for five-star hotels all over the world ,such as: Sheraton ,Hyatt ,Hilton etc, as well as supplying customized furniture for high-end projects.